Today was extremely productive. I completed my marble art. I will take photos and add a tutorial tomorrow. It was painfully easy, but very time consuming. Nevermind the fact that marbles weigh a TON when you glue them like mad onto a canvas.

Plus I hung it up crooked. I’ll have to fix it in the morning.

2 hours of work and it’s done though! Not as clean as I would’ve liked but it’s one piece of art for my room.

  • Complete the cross stitch kit (About to begin)
  • Buy some new watercolor paper (No progress)
  • Do the marble art for the living room (Complete)
  • Complete a commissioned piece of art (No progress)
  • Save money for a sewing machine (10% done)
  • Find a use for the second canvas I have

How was your day guys?


Reorganized closet and Found place to hang basket

Today has been insane. I’m in cleaning mode and have torn through my closet. I had two recliner chairs that were stuffed in there. I managed to remove them and bring them down two flights of stairs and across a parking lot to a dumpster.

Look where I placed that fruit basket.

Clever lady, aren't I?

Clever lady, aren’t I?

The problem is that I’ve found so many things that I want to get rid of. It’s either that I don’t like them any more or they are too big for me now. So I’m thinking of starting to list some of my clothing on Ebay for really cheap so they can go to better homes.

  • List 3 items on Ebay
  • Organize my shoes
  • Get a storage container for closet

Hope you all had a great day!

My First Grocery Trip with Coupons!

First of all, that hour I blew the other day on clipping coupons paid off today. was my resource to find out where to use the coupons I had. I ended up getting PAID to shave my legs today. Haha. I got a razor for free plus 91 cents back. That was at one store.

The main grocery store ended up being a huge hit. I had all these coupons for things they had on sale, plus they gave me cash back for certain things.

To shake it all down…

I got 84.69 dollars worth of stuff for 43.38. 41.31 dollars saved (49%)

Art Mind

While being so busy I’ve had more ideas for projects coming to mind than usual. I would’ve thought that being still would create better thinking, but when I have a thousand things on my plate that’s when inspiration strikes.

The problem is that I’ve had zero time to follow through. I have created a journal to quickly jot down the ideas though that way I don’t forget them. I do foresee a quieter weekend now so I can finally catch up on my creative ideas.

Have any of you done any projects lately? Please share your links to your projects! I love seeing how talented my readers are.


  • Complete the cross stitch kit (No progress)
  • Buy some new watercolor paper (No progress)
  • Do the marble art for the living room (Idea created, now to purchase materials)
  • Complete a commissioned piece of art (No progress)
  • Save money for a sewing machine (10% done)
  • Attend another art event to get inspired (DONE) 
  • Complete a fashion Croquis (No progress)

My word. I really do need to catch up on my art. I will try focusing on this a bit more in the next few days so I can knock out a few of these.

Swivel Pose

Whoo! It’s been busy, but it’s been fun. I’m enjoy the pressure that I’ve been putting on myself to be more social. I had attended the Fashion Show for Julia Sera Boutique. It was a lot of fun and I met some nice people. I will definitely be attending more in the future. Let me also drop the hint that I’m in one of the promotional photos now. Have fun finding it guys (Only Hint: 3 blond bombshells)! Go take a look at their Facebook page for it!

So just to update you (and a reminder for myself) on my goals and adding another:

  • Go out 5 times to different places (1/5 done)
  • Go bowling (No progress)
  • Host dinner here for a friend (No progress)
  • Invite friends to go out 5 times (1/5 done)
  • Go on 1 date (No progress)
  • Attend 1 fashion related event

Hope you all are having fun reading! Have a great day!


Coupon Lady- Collect some Coupons Goal Achieved



My coupons! My little babies!



Who knew that cutting coupons could be so time consuming?

Our fliers finally arrived in the mail yesterday. My brother threw everything into the recycling bin without looking and I dove right on once I noticed there were some coupons. Not just a few…but a ton of them.

So I blew about an hour of my life cutting away at the coupons. 

Afterwards I took my coupons and started to plot out my grocery trips wisely. Those damn grocery stores are awfully clever putting brands that are similar to the weekly coupons on sale. Got to be careful so you aren’t buying the wrong items.

Anyways, I chose to compare the prices online which ended up being so much easier. I’ll give you guys the run down on how much I’ve saved with my coupons once I go shopping.