Reorganized closet and Found place to hang basket

Today has been insane. I’m in cleaning mode and have torn through my closet. I had two recliner chairs that were stuffed in there. I managed to remove them and bring them down two flights of stairs and across a parking lot to a dumpster.

Look where I placed that fruit basket.

Clever lady, aren't I?

Clever lady, aren’t I?

The problem is that I’ve found so many things that I want to get rid of. It’s either that I don’t like them any more or they are too big for me now. So I’m thinking of starting to list some of my clothing on Ebay for really cheap so they can go to better homes.

  • List 3 items on Ebay
  • Organize my shoes
  • Get a storage container for closet

Hope you all had a great day!


Cupboards and Pantry- Done and DONE!

Ugh. We have this section of cabinets that has no dividers. My brother was using it to throw all his pots and pans in there…along with other nonsense he had no place for. Camping gear, party forks, plastic cups, you name it…it was there. So I spent the morning pulling everything out of there and reorganizing it so at least we’ll be able to find things when we need it. It was 2 hours worth of work on one section.

Then I completed the pantry organization. That wasn’t quite so hard considering we have no food of any use really stored up in our pantry at the moment. I can open up my pantry and know where things should go now. I feel so accomplished.

  • Reorganize my closet
  • Hang the fruit basket…somewhere
  • Reorganize my room

Getting organized is making my life so much easier to manage. I never thought I’d have time for it, but now I have more time for everything else when I can find everything.