The Easiest Marble Art

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I was going to create a tutorial, but the project is so simple that it really doesn’t need much direction from someone else.

If you were to ever consider creating something like this I have a few tips:

1. Get a sturdy canvas already ready to hang. The marbles are heavy and will cause some canvas to start drooping.

2. Plan ahead. What design are you going to create? Sharp corners are difficult to fill in and shapes will lose the defined edges if not extremely careful.

3. Get a fast drying super glue. While at times I appreciated the fact I could still shift the marbles, there were other times where accidentally knocking them around was a mega challenge.

4. Start from the top and work your way down. This prevents your own hand from knocking the marbles loose as they are drying. Guess which way I did it? Bottom up. Terrible mistake.

5. Get more marbles than you think you need and get the kind that are kind of flat. I thought I would have some leftover…I didn’t.

If you are going to hang it, prepare to have something very heavy on your wall. My guess is that this piece I did weighs around 8 pounds.

This project helped me get something up on my condo’s walls. It also inspired some other projects that aren’t as colorful and aren’t quite so large.

So how about it? What are your thoughts on the project?



Today was extremely productive. I completed my marble art. I will take photos and add a tutorial tomorrow. It was painfully easy, but very time consuming. Nevermind the fact that marbles weigh a TON when you glue them like mad onto a canvas.

Plus I hung it up crooked. I’ll have to fix it in the morning.

2 hours of work and it’s done though! Not as clean as I would’ve liked but it’s one piece of art for my room.

  • Complete the cross stitch kit (About to begin)
  • Buy some new watercolor paper (No progress)
  • Do the marble art for the living room (Complete)
  • Complete a commissioned piece of art (No progress)
  • Save money for a sewing machine (10% done)
  • Find a use for the second canvas I have

How was your day guys?

Artsy Fartsy- Without the Smell. Gross!

Art, fashion and crafts!

If it’s creative and doesn’t require an acting or musical talent I’m so on that!

I am the type to have a whole lot of art projects, crafts or sewing projects scattered all over the place. To save me from a lot of hassle and to get organized around the condo I need to streamline how I create art so I can complete them and move them out of the way.

I went to an art festival the other night with my brother and we both thought the same thing: I could do that. There was a guy set up selling his art and making pant loads off of it. All that I’d ever want would be to make enough money to buy back my supplies plus some wiggle room to try other projects.

So while I’m going to list some projects and goals that I wouldn’t be able to sell due to various reasons, I need to complete them and feel accomplished. 

  • Complete the cross stitch kit
  • Buy some new watercolor paper
  • Do the marble art for the living room
  • Complete a commissioned piece of art
  • Save money for a sewing machine
  • Attend another art event to get inspired
  • Complete a fashion Croquis