Starting to Resemble Home

This weekend has been excellent for getting my condo put together. 

I’ve been nurturing my new houseplant like a newborn child and enjoying my nicely organized kitchen. 

Even my shopping trip proved fruitful. I strongly dislike grocery shopping, but this weekend’s trip was hysterical with my coupons. I do feel like an idiot for not having done it before. With just ONE trip I saved forty dollars. What can I do with forty dollars? Fill my gas tank…decorate…save it away. How about you? I strongly suggest taking the time and doing the coupon and grocery store research gig. 

I do need some pictures on my wall guys! I’m thinking of doing an old Hollwood theme in my room. Then there is the idea of having a tropical resort theme (no inflatable palm trees…I promise). We’ll see how it goes. Once I find a painting, piece of art or furniture that screams to me then I can design around it.

Goal review:

  • Save 100 dollars with coupons (41/100 dollars saved)
  • Get a houseplant (Done)
  • Hang 3 pictures up in my room (No progress)
  • Get steering fixed (ASAP)
  • Get my car detailed (No progress)
  • Reorganize the pantry (Done)
  • Get a patio decoration

My First Grocery Trip with Coupons!

First of all, that hour I blew the other day on clipping coupons paid off today. was my resource to find out where to use the coupons I had. I ended up getting PAID to shave my legs today. Haha. I got a razor for free plus 91 cents back. That was at one store.

The main grocery store ended up being a huge hit. I had all these coupons for things they had on sale, plus they gave me cash back for certain things.

To shake it all down…

I got 84.69 dollars worth of stuff for 43.38. 41.31 dollars saved (49%)

Get it Together!

This week has been nuts with the job search, but I’ve also been cleaning up around the condo. This place is starting to look clean, but it’s not feeling like a home yet. My brother dropped the bomb that he is definitely buying his own house at the end of the summer. Which means that this condo will be mine entirely. So it’s time to really turn this place into my safe haven.

I did manage to clip those coupons. Be sure to check out that earlier post! It’s worth clipping those bad boys. I know it doesn’t seem like 30 cents off here and there doesn’t help your wallet, but it really does. My brother asked if I’m going to embarrassed when I go and use them. Heck no. I’m a smart and resourceful woman who likes rolling around in her own cash. You want to blow yours? Go for it. Meanwhile, I’ll go fill my bathtub up with Benjamin.

The houseplant escapades are still on. I went to Lowe’s again to see if they still had the nice plants, but their selection this time was terrible. I’m going to try jumping around to some of the smaller named places around Vegas to see if they have anything nicer.

My car and I are having issues. The steering hasn’t been fixed, but the other day she was making a fun rattling sound. I brought the car to Firestone and they said that my repairs were about 400 dollars. If not fixed the car would soon be unsafe. So I had no choice but to fix it. Runs alright now.

Reviewing my goals and adding a few new ones:

  • Clip Coupons (DONE)
  • Save 100 dollars with coupons (Grocery Shopping this weekend!)
  • Get a houseplant (I’ve chosen one, just need to find it now)
  • Hang 3 pictures up in my room (No progress)
  • Get steering fixed (ASAP)
  • Get my car detailed (No progress)
  • Reorganize the pantry

Have any tips on organizing spices or pantry closets? I’m in need of some advice!