Formal Fashion Croquis- Complete

Let me start this by saying that I have a strong dislike for peplum designs. However, since the trend doesn’t seem to be dying any time soon I chosen to mix it into my formal croquis design. I probably won’t create this into an actual garment unless someone pleads with me to create it. I’m not sure why, but I’m imagining that this dress would be stunning in a blush pink or navy.


Yes, I inverted the colors for a reason. I want the focus to be on the lines, not the art. I wanted focus on the silhouette and wanted everyone to be able to fill in whatever kind of fabric color they’d like. 

  • Design 2 more formal croquis
  • Design 1 more croquis with a peplum inspiration 


Fashion Goal Review

This weekend had been productive. I got to saving some of my money and I got inspired to create some Fashion Croquis. While it’s not fashion school (yet), it’s progress. I’ve even been contacted about the fashion croquis I posted with interest in having me create the design. Anyways, it’s progress and it feels great to have some mutual interest in my designs. 

I’m choosing to start slowly reaching out with my designs even though I’m not in college quite yet. I might make my designs on a small scale and sell them on Etsy. Maybe it’ll help bring in some extra money after I find a job.

  • Graduate from Fashion Design School (No progress until I get the job)
  • Wear something I’ve made out in public (Pattern chosen)
  • Host the Sangria party- whoo! (No progress, might cancel)
  • Go to another mixer  (Attending two this week)
  • Open Etsy shop with just the fashion illustrations first

Hoping you all had an excellent weekend!

Fashion Croquis: Number One

I haven’t done a fashion Croquis in quite some time. I try to draw my inspiration from music, movies or landscape photos. This particular croquis was designed after a vacation photo I have from when I was really really little.


Someday I’ll make the dress a reality. For now, I’ll enjoy it as it is.

Adding Goals now that I’ve completed one of mine.

  • Complete 1 Croquis for Formal Gown
  • Complete 1 Croquis with a patterned fabric