The Electric Jolt

So I went in not too long ago for an interview for a Sales Associate position.

Today I got the call to let me know that I’m being hired as the Assistant Manager. 

The pay isn’t fantastic, but it’s a great start and something that will help build up that resume! The other awesome part is that the manager is fully aware that I’m trying to get back to school and she explained on the phone that she is happy to work around it. The BONUS, the job is right next door to the college and 10 minutes away from where I live. So no commute, a workable manager and willing to help me juggle  school.

So I’m a happy little clam right now.

Adding some new goals and finally rejoicing that I don’t have to fill out any more pre-employment tests.

  • Finish training at work
  • Get first paycheck
  • Remember all co-worker’s names
  • Work for a full month with ZERO issues

Love ya guys!


The Crazy Weekend of Job Applications

With cheap beer on the table and Sex and the City on the television for background noise, I got to it and did a lot of job hunting. I knew I wouldn’t hear from any places until today, but I figured a lot of job hunters would take a break on the weekend. However, I noticed a few positions and just applied and/or sent my resume along.

I am getting a little bored without a job. If I could turn this blog into a full time job, I certainly would. 

However, here are my updated goals to reflect the work I’ve done over the weekend.

  • Finish 30 applications (Currently at 16/30)
  • Send out resumes to 30 companies (Currently at 20/30)
  • Attend 3 job fairs (Currently at 1/3)
  • Get the job offer
  • Update resume (DONE)
  • Attend a business social mixer

(Goal Complete) The Five Interviews- Now the Wait

Finally completing one goal, but no official offer on the table yet. It’s frustrating and all I want is to have the job and have some income. I guess I should be thankful that I’ve had 5 interviews in just over a week, but I’d prefer to have had a great offer right after the first one.

Time to stay positive though and keep adjusting my goals to keep pushing forward. I’m sure I’ll hear from someone eventually, but to kill the boredom that comes along with unemployment I need to complete some more job search related goals.

  • Finish 30 applications (Currently at 14/30)
  • Send out resumes to 30 companies (Currently at 11/30)
  • Attend 3 job fairs (Currently at 1/3)
  • Get the job offer
  • Update resume
  • Have 5 more interviews

Hope you’ve all been doing well! Sending you my love!