Formal Fashion Croquis- Complete

Let me start this by saying that I have a strong dislike for peplum designs. However, since the trend doesn’t seem to be dying any time soon I chosen to mix it into my formal croquis design. I probably won’t create this into an actual garment unless someone pleads with me to create it. I’m not sure why, but I’m imagining that this dress would be stunning in a blush pink or navy.


Yes, I inverted the colors for a reason. I want the focus to be on the lines, not the art. I wanted focus on the silhouette and wanted everyone to be able to fill in whatever kind of fabric color they’d like. 

  • Design 2 more formal croquis
  • Design 1 more croquis with a peplum inspiration 


Someone is Noticing

I’ve been doing extremely well with my healthier choices (if you subtract the one burger after the social mixer). I’ve been keeping up with my 30 day ab challenge (DAY 7!) and have been cooking some healthy meals. 

This morning my brother jabbed me in the side and told me that I’m slimming down on my sides. So being the ridiculous individual that I am, I ran to the mirror and turned this way and that. I’m definitely starting to notice very very tiny differences. The best difference is how I’m feeling. I wake up early, go to bed early and feel so energized and healthy. Definitely worth skipping out on unhealthy choices when the rewards are so exhilarating. 

I used to be the poster child for avoiding healthy stuff like, but now I’m slowly getting addicted to feeling great. Just to review my goals though:

  • Hike a trail at Red Rock Canyon (planning)
  • Complete the 30 day ab workout (Day 7/30)
  • Get a yoga DVD 
  • Get a cookbook with healthy recipes (Still researching)
  • Find and try a delicious and healthy smoothie recipe (Got to unpack my blender first)
  • Run that 5k (Found one in Los Angeles that I’m running later this year)
  • Get out of my Size 12 funk and slide into Size 10 consistently 

Stay healthy guys!

30 Day Ab Workout


So this 30 Day Ab Workout Challenge has been floating around on the internet for what feels like forever. The first few days seem so easy which is why I started it. However, when you’re so out of shape like I am even the first day can suck.

I was going to post a shot with what I look like right now, but I’m going to save it for when I finish in a month.

The pain is awful though. Without trying to sound weird…I love that it hurts. It means that it’s working. I wake up the next morning and can feel that I have certainly been working out those abs. Funny part? I’m only on Day 5. I can only imagine what days 20+ are going to feel like. 

I strongly urge you guys to participate with me! If you have any other workouts like this, please share! I already have a large group of people back on the East Coast doing it with me. We’ve all committed to sharing the before and after shots. I suggest you create your own before and after shot to save for yourself. It’ll be motivation for you to continue on with a healthy lifestyle. 

Smile So They Can See

Being shy sucks.

I know in my head that there is no reason for it, but somehow I freeze every time I get into a social situation. If under the rare occasion I don’t freeze I end up stuttering. It’s painful and while I love to go out and do new things, I avoid it like the plague because I’m so damn awkward at times.

Now that I’m in a new city…I have almost zero friends. Even these friends don’t quite understand just how nerve wrecking these social situations can be. I am totally fine face to face with someone I’ve met a few times. However, I need to be more social. Practice makes perfect and I want to meet some quality friends out here. I want to LIVE.

  • Go out 5 times to different places
  • Go bowling
  • Host dinner here for a friend
  • Invite friends to go out 5 times
  • Be invited out by friends 5 times
  • Go on 1 casual date

Start things slow and make future goals as I meet old ones. Shy will no longer be one of my traits if I have anything to say about it.

Wow, so this is blogging.

Hi all.

I’m just your average young woman. I’m mid twenties, single, painfully shy, unemployed and in a new city.

Sin City.

I have a long ways to go before I feel like I’m making progress in my life. I am the type of woman who gets overwhelmed and will walk away from projects half finished unless I have smaller goals to work towards.

Aren’t we all kind of like that?

So I’m approaching my life in terms of small goals and challenges. I will make my goals and challenges public (for those who read my blog) so I feel a bit of pressure to follow through. It will also be a neat tool for me to look back someday and see how much progress I’ve made.

I will be painfully honest and I hope for those who comment and interact in the future that they will too. We are here for a reason and that’s to initiate change.