Coupon Lady- Collect some Coupons Goal Achieved



My coupons! My little babies!



Who knew that cutting coupons could be so time consuming?

Our fliers finally arrived in the mail yesterday. My brother threw everything into the recycling bin without looking and I dove right on once I noticed there were some coupons. Not just a few…but a ton of them.

So I blew about an hour of my life cutting away at the coupons. 

Afterwards I took my coupons and started to plot out my grocery trips wisely. Those damn grocery stores are awfully clever putting brands that are similar to the weekly coupons on sale. Got to be careful so you aren’t buying the wrong items.

Anyways, I chose to compare the prices online which ended up being so much easier. I’ll give you guys the run down on how much I’ve saved with my coupons once I go shopping.