I’m finally noticing the results of my better habits. I don’t have as much jiggling around my stomach any more. I can now complete my ab workouts without feeling the need to start dry heaving. I’m eating more accurate portions and still feeling satisfied that I’ve had enough to eat.

I’m also fitting into a few of my size 10 jeans. There is one dress that I have that is super curve hugging. I will be able to mark off one of my goals if I can fit into it and not have my stomach screaming hello to the world.

I’ve been religious about my ab workout challenge. I’m on Day 10 now out of 30, so 1/3 of the way finished. It’s been so worth it! I’ll admit that sometimes I just don’t feel like doing the workout because I’m  >>INSERT EXCUSE HERE<<  but I do the workout anyways and feel better about myself afterwards.

  • Hike a trail at Red Rock Canyon (planning)
  • Complete the 30 day ab workout (Day 10/30 and it burns so good)
  • Get a yoga DVD 
  • Get a cookbook with healthy recipes (Still researching)
  • Find and try a delicious and healthy smoothie recipe (Where is my blender?!)
  • Run that 5k (Found one in Los Angeles that I’m running later this year)
  • Get out of my Size 12 funk and slide into Size 10 consistently  (ALMOST THERE!)
  • Watch the Wizard of Oz (Stupid title got me in the mood)

Hope you’ve all considered doing that 30 day ab challenge. It’s definitely worth it!


The Crazy Weekend of Job Applications

With cheap beer on the table and Sex and the City on the television for background noise, I got to it and did a lot of job hunting. I knew I wouldn’t hear from any places until today, but I figured a lot of job hunters would take a break on the weekend. However, I noticed a few positions and just applied and/or sent my resume along.

I am getting a little bored without a job. If I could turn this blog into a full time job, I certainly would. 

However, here are my updated goals to reflect the work I’ve done over the weekend.

  • Finish 30 applications (Currently at 16/30)
  • Send out resumes to 30 companies (Currently at 20/30)
  • Attend 3 job fairs (Currently at 1/3)
  • Get the job offer
  • Update resume (DONE)
  • Attend a business social mixer

Fashion Goal Review

This weekend had been productive. I got to saving some of my money and I got inspired to create some Fashion Croquis. While it’s not fashion school (yet), it’s progress. I’ve even been contacted about the fashion croquis I posted with interest in having me create the design. Anyways, it’s progress and it feels great to have some mutual interest in my designs. 

I’m choosing to start slowly reaching out with my designs even though I’m not in college quite yet. I might make my designs on a small scale and sell them on Etsy. Maybe it’ll help bring in some extra money after I find a job.

  • Graduate from Fashion Design School (No progress until I get the job)
  • Wear something I’ve made out in public (Pattern chosen)
  • Host the Sangria party- whoo! (No progress, might cancel)
  • Go to another mixer  (Attending two this week)
  • Open Etsy shop with just the fashion illustrations first

Hoping you all had an excellent weekend!

Cupboards and Pantry- Done and DONE!

Ugh. We have this section of cabinets that has no dividers. My brother was using it to throw all his pots and pans in there…along with other nonsense he had no place for. Camping gear, party forks, plastic cups, you name it…it was there. So I spent the morning pulling everything out of there and reorganizing it so at least we’ll be able to find things when we need it. It was 2 hours worth of work on one section.

Then I completed the pantry organization. That wasn’t quite so hard considering we have no food of any use really stored up in our pantry at the moment. I can open up my pantry and know where things should go now. I feel so accomplished.

  • Reorganize my closet
  • Hang the fruit basket…somewhere
  • Reorganize my room

Getting organized is making my life so much easier to manage. I never thought I’d have time for it, but now I have more time for everything else when I can find everything.

Fashion Croquis: Number One

I haven’t done a fashion Croquis in quite some time. I try to draw my inspiration from music, movies or landscape photos. This particular croquis was designed after a vacation photo I have from when I was really really little.


Someday I’ll make the dress a reality. For now, I’ll enjoy it as it is.

Adding Goals now that I’ve completed one of mine.

  • Complete 1 Croquis for Formal Gown
  • Complete 1 Croquis with a patterned fabric

My First Houseplant

It’s almost embarrassing to admit how excited I am to have my first houseplant. 

Call him Zami!


With the crazy savings after my grocery trip I went straight to Lowe’s and bought my houseplant. The ones I had planned on were all dried up looking, so I chose a Zamioculcas. (No I won’t pronounce it aloud for you).

Anyways, the plant was cheap and it had the word “RESILIENT” on the side of it. Figured it would be worth a shot. Plus it’s pretty to look at and not too small.

Ignore my coupons!

Ignore my coupons!

I know this is kind of dorky, but I’m adding more goals now that I’ve completed this one. It feels good tohave a plant around.

  • Don’t kill the Zamioculcas
  • Get a plant for the patio balcony
  • Get another houseplant 

Just these three. It’s kind of like collecting Pokemon only…real life!

My First Grocery Trip with Coupons!

First of all, that hour I blew the other day on clipping coupons paid off today.

http://thekrazycouponlady.com/ was my resource to find out where to use the coupons I had. I ended up getting PAID to shave my legs today. Haha. I got a razor for free plus 91 cents back. That was at one store.

The main grocery store ended up being a huge hit. I had all these coupons for things they had on sale, plus they gave me cash back for certain things.

To shake it all down…

I got 84.69 dollars worth of stuff for 43.38. 41.31 dollars saved (49%)

Art Mind

While being so busy I’ve had more ideas for projects coming to mind than usual. I would’ve thought that being still would create better thinking, but when I have a thousand things on my plate that’s when inspiration strikes.

The problem is that I’ve had zero time to follow through. I have created a journal to quickly jot down the ideas though that way I don’t forget them. I do foresee a quieter weekend now so I can finally catch up on my creative ideas.

Have any of you done any projects lately? Please share your links to your projects! I love seeing how talented my readers are.


  • Complete the cross stitch kit (No progress)
  • Buy some new watercolor paper (No progress)
  • Do the marble art for the living room (Idea created, now to purchase materials)
  • Complete a commissioned piece of art (No progress)
  • Save money for a sewing machine (10% done)
  • Attend another art event to get inspired (DONE) 
  • Complete a fashion Croquis (No progress)

My word. I really do need to catch up on my art. I will try focusing on this a bit more in the next few days so I can knock out a few of these.

Swivel Pose

Whoo! It’s been busy, but it’s been fun. I’m enjoy the pressure that I’ve been putting on myself to be more social. I had attended the Fashion Show for Julia Sera Boutique. It was a lot of fun and I met some nice people. I will definitely be attending more in the future. Let me also drop the hint that I’m in one of the promotional photos now. Have fun finding it guys (Only Hint: 3 blond bombshells)! Go take a look at their Facebook page for it!


So just to update you (and a reminder for myself) on my goals and adding another:

  • Go out 5 times to different places (1/5 done)
  • Go bowling (No progress)
  • Host dinner here for a friend (No progress)
  • Invite friends to go out 5 times (1/5 done)
  • Go on 1 date (No progress)
  • Attend 1 fashion related event

Hope you all are having fun reading! Have a great day!


Get it Together!

This week has been nuts with the job search, but I’ve also been cleaning up around the condo. This place is starting to look clean, but it’s not feeling like a home yet. My brother dropped the bomb that he is definitely buying his own house at the end of the summer. Which means that this condo will be mine entirely. So it’s time to really turn this place into my safe haven.

I did manage to clip those coupons. Be sure to check out that earlier post! It’s worth clipping those bad boys. I know it doesn’t seem like 30 cents off here and there doesn’t help your wallet, but it really does. My brother asked if I’m going to embarrassed when I go and use them. Heck no. I’m a smart and resourceful woman who likes rolling around in her own cash. You want to blow yours? Go for it. Meanwhile, I’ll go fill my bathtub up with Benjamin.

The houseplant escapades are still on. I went to Lowe’s again to see if they still had the nice plants, but their selection this time was terrible. I’m going to try jumping around to some of the smaller named places around Vegas to see if they have anything nicer.

My car and I are having issues. The steering hasn’t been fixed, but the other day she was making a fun rattling sound. I brought the car to Firestone and they said that my repairs were about 400 dollars. If not fixed the car would soon be unsafe. So I had no choice but to fix it. Runs alright now.

Reviewing my goals and adding a few new ones:

  • Clip Coupons (DONE)
  • Save 100 dollars with coupons (Grocery Shopping this weekend!)
  • Get a houseplant (I’ve chosen one, just need to find it now)
  • Hang 3 pictures up in my room (No progress)
  • Get steering fixed (ASAP)
  • Get my car detailed (No progress)
  • Reorganize the pantry

Have any tips on organizing spices or pantry closets? I’m in need of some advice!