Yesterday was amazing and so will tonight.

Yesterday my brother’s girlfriend invited me along to go tubing on Lake Mead. I was hesitant for a few reasons:

1. I have never been tubing before.

2. I am a worrier. What if I fall off the tube funny and end up in the hospital?

3. I get sun burnt every time no matter how much SPF I lather myself up in.

4. I can get motion sick when I’m not in control of the vehicle or boat.

So I sound like a real boat load of fun, right? RIGHT? Yes, the pun was intended.

I went along and had a blast. I’m so grateful that I decided to stop being a stick in the mud. I did hop in the boat and tried tubing for a few “go arounds”. I ended up sucking in more water than I should have, but I loved it. I was still freaking out a little about making sure I fall off my tube “gracefully” so I don’t have permanent damage. I also got a little dizzy after getting back into the boat. 

So I’m such a loser for having all these worries. No wonder I’m single. Haha!

Tonight I’m heading to a speak-easy type of bar in town. I have no idea what that involves, but I was told to get dressed up. So my hair is all curled, my favorite red dress is on and I’m all dolled up ready to go. Will update with pictures soon!



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