Today was extremely productive. I completed my marble art. I will take photos and add a tutorial tomorrow. It was painfully easy, but very time consuming. Nevermind the fact that marbles weigh a TON when you glue them like mad onto a canvas.

Plus I hung it up crooked. I’ll have to fix it in the morning.

2 hours of work and it’s done though! Not as clean as I would’ve liked but it’s one piece of art for my room.

  • Complete the cross stitch kit (About to begin)
  • Buy some new watercolor paper (No progress)
  • Do the marble art for the living room (Complete)
  • Complete a commissioned piece of art (No progress)
  • Save money for a sewing machine (10% done)
  • Find a use for the second canvas I have

How was your day guys?


3 thoughts on “Marblesque

    • No! That sounds like a productive day to me! Keep writing though, your posts have been terrific. If you aren’t pursuing a writing career, I think you should at least consider that possibility.

      • I honestly never thought about doing anything with writing. I just thought it was cool to write down the ideas and thoughts in my head. I love to write, but I’d love even more to make a difference in the world. Thank you for your kind words, I really do appreciate it. I can’t wait to see the pictures πŸ™‚

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