Starting to Resemble Home

This weekend has been excellent for getting my condo put together. 

I’ve been nurturing my new houseplant like a newborn child and enjoying my nicely organized kitchen. 

Even my shopping trip proved fruitful. I strongly dislike grocery shopping, but this weekend’s trip was hysterical with my coupons. I do feel like an idiot for not having done it before. With just ONE trip I saved forty dollars. What can I do with forty dollars? Fill my gas tank…decorate…save it away. How about you? I strongly suggest taking the time and doing the coupon and grocery store research gig. 

I do need some pictures on my wall guys! I’m thinking of doing an old Hollwood theme in my room. Then there is the idea of having a tropical resort theme (no inflatable palm trees…I promise). We’ll see how it goes. Once I find a painting, piece of art or furniture that screams to me then I can design around it.

Goal review:

  • Save 100 dollars with coupons (41/100 dollars saved)
  • Get a houseplant (Done)
  • Hang 3 pictures up in my room (No progress)
  • Get steering fixed (ASAP)
  • Get my car detailed (No progress)
  • Reorganize the pantry (Done)
  • Get a patio decoration

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