While I know logically that artists and designers usually starve, my heart still belongs to being creative. 

I created the colored fashion croquis after attending a fashion/art event. The original idea for it was to use watercolor paints, but it seems my watercolor brushes were left behind during the move. So instead of sulking I used colored pencils and then photoshop. The end result wasn’t exactly how I had originally imagined it, but I liked the monotone. While I look at it, I could change the colors, patterns, etc to make it sell-able. 

In case you missed it, here was the end result.


It’s certainly better than nothing.

I do need to continue working hard at my art so I can improve. I have so much room for improvement. However, practice makes perfect.

  • Complete the cross stitch kit (No progress)
  • Buy some new watercolor paper (No progress)
  • Do the marble art for the living room (Idea created, now to purchase materials)
  • Complete a commissioned piece of art (No progress)
  • Save money for a sewing machine (10% done)
  • Complete a fashion Croquis (Done)
  • Attend art event for inspiration (Done)

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