I’m finally noticing the results of my better habits. I don’t have as much jiggling around my stomach any more. I can now complete my ab workouts without feeling the need to start dry heaving. I’m eating more accurate portions and still feeling satisfied that I’ve had enough to eat.

I’m also fitting into a few of my size 10 jeans. There is one dress that I have that is super curve hugging. I will be able to mark off one of my goals if I can fit into it and not have my stomach screaming hello to the world.

I’ve been religious about my ab workout challenge. I’m on Day 10 now out of 30, so 1/3 of the way finished. It’s been so worth it! I’ll admit that sometimes I just don’t feel like doing the workout because I’m  >>INSERT EXCUSE HERE<<  but I do the workout anyways and feel better about myself afterwards.

  • Hike a trail at Red Rock Canyon (planning)
  • Complete the 30 day ab workout (Day 10/30 and it burns so good)
  • Get a yoga DVD 
  • Get a cookbook with healthy recipes (Still researching)
  • Find and try a delicious and healthy smoothie recipe (Where is my blender?!)
  • Run that 5k (Found one in Los Angeles that I’m running later this year)
  • Get out of my Size 12 funk and slide into Size 10 consistently  (ALMOST THERE!)
  • Watch the Wizard of Oz (Stupid title got me in the mood)

Hope you’ve all considered doing that 30 day ab challenge. It’s definitely worth it!


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