My First Houseplant

It’s almost embarrassing to admit how excited I am to have my first houseplant. 

Call him Zami!


With the crazy savings after my grocery trip I went straight to Lowe’s and bought my houseplant. The ones I had planned on were all dried up looking, so I chose a Zamioculcas. (No I won’t pronounce it aloud for you).

Anyways, the plant was cheap and it had the word “RESILIENT” on the side of it. Figured it would be worth a shot. Plus it’s pretty to look at and not too small.

Ignore my coupons!

Ignore my coupons!

I know this is kind of dorky, but I’m adding more goals now that I’ve completed this one. It feels good tohave a plant around.

  • Don’t kill the Zamioculcas
  • Get a plant for the patio balcony
  • Get another houseplant 

Just these three. It’s kind of like collecting Pokemon only…real life!


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