The Interviews

I have been getting much better at my interviews. I’m less nervous and I don’t stutter or say weird things as much as I used to. 

I had two interviews today, one of which was at a job fair.

The first interview was alright, nothing different than the usual interviews.

The second interview was terrifying. Group interview? Yeah. Those are a killer. It was almost a cat fight between a few girls at a few points. I just answered my questions, remained friendly and avoided eye contact with the other applicants because I could feel their venom dripping from them. It was only after the interview that I was told that it was for a manager position which I didn’t quite have the qualifications for, but they’re still highly considering me.

On my way out one of the other applicants gave a slap to my shoulder and told me ‘better luck next time’. So I just shook her hand and smiled.

Some people just spew hatred, just don’t let them pull you downwards. Remember that your mama taught you to always be polite.

Hope you all had a better day than I did!

However, I have an awesome night planned. More on that later!


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