Fashion Mixer- Art Event

Another goal out of my way last night. I went to a fashion show lasts night. Well…it was supposed to be a fashion show. The models were mingling with the guests, but it worked so well. The dresses were beautiful. Some of them were a lot shorter than I would ever wear, but some of the fabric choices were stunning.

I also won a Sangria party for 20 with a live video blog. How terrifying is that? I don’t even know 20 people out here yet.  I’m pretty sure it’s a sales pitch for something, but I’m down for it anyways. My brother’s girlfriend won a makeover last night (last person who needs one), so we walked away pretty excited.

The event inspired me to get a few more goals done for my life.

  • Graduate from Fashion Design School
  • Wear something I’ve made out in public
  • Host the Sangria party- whoo!
  • Go to another mixer like this.

Hope you all had a great night last night! Let’s conquer today!


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