Filling Out those 30 Job Applications

Yeah you heard me. 30.

Since yesterday afternoon I’m at 12 out of 30. That’s called persistence.

Want to know why it’s not such a bad thing to fill out applications until your knuckles are warped and ugly? Yesterday afternoon I got 3 calls from different places to set up interviews. 1 of these interviews is at a job fair to kind of test out my personality. Two of the interviews are today and the other is tomorrow.

I’d tell you that I’m going to slow down the applications, but why stop now? What if they offer a crappy pay or ask me to work on the other side of town? It’ll give me breathing room to say no.

Keep at it guys! I’ll fill you in later about my interviews. For those who are still looking for work, just keep going. Turn off those distractions and just do it.



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