30 Day Ab Workout


So this 30 Day Ab Workout Challenge has been floating around on the internet for what feels like forever. The first few days seem so easy which is why I started it. However, when you’re so out of shape like I am even the first day can suck.

I was going to post a shot with what I look like right now, but I’m going to save it for when I finish in a month.

The pain is awful though. Without trying to sound weird…I love that it hurts. It means that it’s working. I wake up the next morning and can feel that I have certainly been working out those abs. Funny part? I’m only on Day 5. I can only imagine what days 20+ are going to feel like. 

I strongly urge you guys to participate with me! If you have any other workouts like this, please share! I already have a large group of people back on the East Coast doing it with me. We’ve all committed to sharing the before and after shots. I suggest you create your own before and after shot to save for yourself. It’ll be motivation for you to continue on with a healthy lifestyle. 


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