Unemployed and Cranky

Alright guys, most of us have been here. We’re unemployed and feeling like everyone else is getting great jobs except for us. Our problem? We haven’t thrown enough marshmallows against the wall for anything to stick. 

I’m in a funny spot along with people who don’t have a resume with a consistent occupation.  I have experience in a heck of a lot of things, but not a lot of time behind any job in particular. I’ve been everything from an Administrative Assistant to a Dog Kennel Assistant to a Cellphone Sales Representative to a Food Server. See what I mean? I KNOW that I need to find a big girl job and stick with it, but there is a problem…

I need to build my resume AND get a job quickly. So I need to find something relevant to what I want to do for the rest of my career. 

That is…


Tadaa! So now what? I can apply at upper end retail places but ironically that’s the one thing I don’t have experience in. I could try to become a seamstress, but I haven’t gotten far enough in college to be decent at it.

So all I can really do is bombard the high end retail places and cross my fingers.

  • Fill out 30 applications
  • Send out resumes to 30 companies
  • Attend 3 Job Fairs
  • Have 5 Interviews
  • Get the job offer

Small goals, but I also slipped in the one about getting the job offer in there. I’ll keep posting as I make progress against these goals. Hopefully some of these challenges will become void because I’ll find a job that quickly.


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