Smile So They Can See

Being shy sucks.

I know in my head that there is no reason for it, but somehow I freeze every time I get into a social situation. If under the rare occasion I don’t freeze I end up stuttering. It’s painful and while I love to go out and do new things, I avoid it like the plague because I’m so damn awkward at times.

Now that I’m in a new city…I have almost zero friends. Even these friends don’t quite understand just how nerve wrecking these social situations can be. I am totally fine face to face with someone I’ve met a few times. However, I need to be more social. Practice makes perfect and I want to meet some quality friends out here. I want to LIVE.

  • Go out 5 times to different places
  • Go bowling
  • Host dinner here for a friend
  • Invite friends to go out 5 times
  • Be invited out by friends 5 times
  • Go on 1 casual date

Start things slow and make future goals as I meet old ones. Shy will no longer be one of my traits if I have anything to say about it.


4 thoughts on “Smile So They Can See

  1. I know exactly how you feel! After 6.5 years of living in the town I am now, I finally have actual friends. of my own (before that, I only ever socialised my boyfriend used to study with). Most of the friends I have now were introduced to me by other people I know (although one I met randomly). I’m terrible at getting out there myself and finding friends…
    Good luck with your mission 🙂

    • Thank you Bevchen! I’m hoping to kind of find friends by going out and doing random things around town. This weekend there is a hiking group getting together so I’ve arranged to meet up with them. I’m sure I’ll finally meet someone to at least go hiking with once in a while. Thank you for your support. I really and truly mean it. ❤

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