Rubber Tires and Tree Trunks

Despite the self deprecating title, I love my body. I also love it enough to be honest with myself and lately I’ve packed on some pounds. Things are jiggling that aren’t supposed to and the swim suit season is now upon us.

I want to be healthy. So healthy that people will point at me for being their role model for health. Right? I’ll learn to make healthy choices, will run instead of waddle and will get nodding approvals from my doctor.

I am going to break this down into so many pieces, because frankly, it’s more than just losing weight for me. It’s about being alive until I’m 90 and giving my nurses a helluva time.

I don’t care what my weight is. I care about reaching activity goals. So while I’ll be keeping tabs on my weight to make sure I stay in the healthy range, I will primarily be focusing on pushing myself further along in activity and healthier diet choices.

Here are my starting goals:

  • Hike a trail at Red Rock Canyon
  • Complete the 30 day ab workout
  • Get a yoga DVD
  • Get a cookbook with healthy recipes
  • Find and try a delicious and healthy smoothie recipe
  • Run that 5k
  • Get out of my Size 12 funk and slide into Size 10 consistently

I will add many many more as I find new things I want to try. These are reasonable goals for me to start with. You’re welcome to join alongside me!


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