Real Life Can Be Yuck- Car and Home

So after having moved straight across the country to start my life, I have an issue.

Actually I have a whole laundry list of issues. Most concerning would be my mode of transportation.

My beautiful little Mazda Protege of the beautiful year 2003. You’ve seen everything from hail storms to curbs to Colorado Rockies to snow banks. The places we have been -oh- the memories. Whoever told me that driving is EXACTLY like bumper cars needs to replace a few parts on my vehicle.

So I need to give my little car some TLC. 

Also needing some TLC is this condo. I have moved into the Bachelor pads of Bachelor pads with my brother. Where are the decorations? Where is the dish soap and why is there a piece of work out equipment dangling in my new bedroom doorway?

To be honest though, it’s not too bad, but it’s clearly lacked any lady touches. If this is home from now on and my brother is giving me the O.K. then it’s time to bust out my glue gun and fix this place up into a livable place.

  • Clip some coupons to start saving money
  • Save 100 dollars by using grocery coupons
  • Get a house plant
  • Hang 3 pictures or paintings up in my room
  • Fix the steering on my car
  • Get my car detailed

Obviously some of those goals are a bit more important than others. Car takes priority right now until I have a job. 


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